D-Link 26-Port PoE+ Gigabit Smart Managed Switch

Kód: 474930
D-Link 26-Port PoE+ Gigabit Smart Managed Switch
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Basic configurable options 11-inch metal case. Comes with adapters to install in 19-inch racks Fanless, silent operation Improved resiliency, longer MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) VLAN support for traffic segmentation AutoSurveillance VLAN fo

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Detailní popis produktu

Kód: 474930
P/N: DGS-1100-26MPV2/E
EAN: 0790069467868

Záruka: 24 měsíců (pro fyzické osoby nepodnikající)
Basic configurable options
11-inch metal case. Comes with adapters to install in 19-inch racks
Fanless, silent operation
Improved resiliency, longer MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures)
VLAN support for traffic segmentation
AutoSurveillance VLAN for easy integration with IP-based surveillance systems
Loopback detection and broadcast storm control to avoid network downtime
QoS (Quality of Service) and bandwidth control to ensure smooth operation
Cable diagnostics function to help to troubleshoot wiring problems
Configurable through a web interface or SmartConsole utility

D-Link’s DGS-1100 Series is the newest addition to EasySmart Switches featuring D-Link Green Technology. Compliant with IEEE802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet, this switch consumes less power during idle periods. The DGS-1100 Series consists of 16 and 24 Gigabit port models and comes in a compact 11” desktop/rackmount enclosure. These switches also implement D-Link Green features that detect link status and cable length and adjust power usage accordingly. Switch management can be performed through a web management interface or through the SmartConsole Utility. The DGS-1100 Series also supports features such as port VLANs, Quality of Service (QoS), and IGMP snooping to optimise performance for multicast applications. Its fanless design allows for quieter operation and provides a longer product life.

The DGS-1100 Series provides an affordable solution for Small and Medium Business, without IT staff. They are also suitable for Enterprise deployment, such as in branch offices and meeting rooms that require simple network management.

Auto Surveillance VLAN and Bandwidth Control
The DGS-1100 Series supports Auto Surveillance VLAN (ASV), which is best suited for video surveillance deployment. Auto Surveillance VLAN is a new, industry-leading technology incorporated into the D-Link EasySmart Switch Series that consolidates data and surveillance video transmission through a single switch, thus sparing businesses the expense of dedicated hardware and facilities. ASV also ensures the quality of real-time video for monitoring and control without compromising the transmission of conventional network data. In addition, with Bandwidth Control, network administrators can reserve bandwidth for important functions that require more bandwidth or might have high priority.

D-Link Green/Power Saving Performance
Compliant with IEEE802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE), these switches consume less energy by cutting down on power consumption when the traffic volume is low. This new standard allows for less power consumption during idle periods of low link use. By deploying EEE devices, users can cut operating costs and even cut down on necessary cooling equipment, helping small and medium sized businesses stay within their budgets.

The DGS-1100 Series also features D-Link Green Technology. The switches automatically detect the length of connected cables and can adjust power usage for shorter cable connections of up to 20 meters, saving energy automatically. Power saving by Link Status drastically reduces power consumption by automatically placing ports without a link in sleep mode.

Easy to deploy
The DGS-1100 EasySmart Switches support an intuitive SmartConsole utility and a web-based management interface that enables administrators to remotely control their network down to the port level. The SmartConsole allows customers to discover multiple D-Link EasySmart Switches within the same network segment. With this utility, users do not need to change the IP address of their PC to discover their EasySmart switches, and it also makes initial setup quick and easy. This allows for extensive switch configuration and basic setup of discovered devices, including password changes and firmware upgrades.

Resilience/Performance Enhancement
Network maintenance features include Loopback Detection and Cable Diagnostics. Loopback Detection is used to detect loops created by a specific port and automatically shuts down the affected port. Cable Diagnostics is designed for network administrators to quickly examine the quality of the copper cables and also determine the type of cable error. In addition, Static MAC can disable Auto Learning on selected ports and set static MAC addresses to designated ports to extend security on the network.

10/100/1000Base-TX Fast Ethernet ports
11” desktop size
802.3x Flow control

Switching capacity: 32 Gbps (DGS-1100-16), 48 Gbps (DGS-1100-24)
Max. forwarding rate: 23.81 Mpps (DGS-1100-16), 35.71 Mpps (DGS-1100-24)
MAC table: 8K entries
Packet buffer: 3.5 Mbits

Static trunking (8 groups, 2 or 4 ports per group)
Loopback detection (LBD)
Bandwidth control (port-based)
IGMP snooping
Port mirroring

802.1q VLAN
Port-based VLAN
Static VLAN (32 groups)
VLAN VID configurable (1-4096)
Auto Surveillance VLAN

Quality of Service (QoS)
802.1p QoS
4 queues per port
Strict priority or Weighted Round Robin (WRR)

Static MAC (128 entries)
Broadcast/Multicast/Unknown Unicast Storm Control

Web-based GUI
SmartConsole Utility
Password control
Configuration backup/restore
Firmware upgradeable

Green features
Green Ethernet, power saving by Link status & Cable length
Compliant with IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE)

Doplňkové parametry

Kategorie: 24 portové
Záruka: 2147483647 dní
Hmotnost: 1.2 kg
Výrobce (switche): D-link
Rychlost přenosu (switche): 10/100/1000
Počet portů (switche): 24
Správa (switche): Smart switch
PoE 802.3af (switche): PoE
SFP (switche): Ano

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